Why Blog: Blogging as a Marketing Tactic

February 06, 2017 | Blogging, Content Marketing, Marketing
Why Blog | Make Blogging Part of Your Marketing Strategy

By Tara Alvey

So you want to know why your business should have a blog. Well, we’d be happy to tell you! First and foremost, it helps drive traffic to your website and who doesn’t want more traffic into their website? (FYI, everyone should.)

Think about how many pages there are on your website. Probably not a ton, right? And think about how often you update those pages. Probably not that often, right?

Well, blogging helps solve both of those problems.

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website, which means it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in organic search. It’s also one more cue to Google and other search engines that your website is active and that they should be checking in frequently to see the new content. Simply put, having a blog helps to fuel SEO. Search engines love valuable content and will reward you for it.

Blogging also helps you get discovered via social media. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on social networks – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest – which helps expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet.

So, the first benefit of blogging? It helps drive new traffic to your website and works closely with search engines and social media to do that.

The second major benefit to blogging is that it helps a company establish its authority.

The best business blogs answer common questions that their customers frequently have. If you’re consistently creating content that’s helpful for your target customer, it’ll help establish you as an authority in their eyes.

Blogs are cost-effective marketing investments. Every post you publish is a long-term asset that helps build brand awareness and promote your expertise, products and services.

And last but certainly not least; a blog can help you tell your brand’s story. A blog is a great place to offer more insight into your company, philosophy, employees and ideas. Blogs give your company a voice. A blog creates a place to talk about new products or services, comment on timely news topics or market trends and share company initiatives beyond your website. It’s also the place to let your brand’s personality shine and show people what you’re all about.

So there you have it, some of the top reasons to get blogging! FORTHGEAR has awesome content writers and bloggers on staff that would be more than happy to get you started on your company’s very own blogging journey. Give us a call today! 801.991.1060.